Contrast Photos

Sad Fall
I did my negative this way because I liked the idea of also focusing on the negative on how the leave was a ripped and broken 

Lunch Table
 I really liked this one because it kind of talks about the day of an average student in our school

Odd One Out
This photo didn't really go as planned I tried to recreate a road with the yellow dotted line but there was no gray markers so I improvised 


  1. Im liking your negative, had to take a double take because it was just so complex. I thought you copied over a picture but seeing the three leaves and the one unfinished, with the negative filter is really interesting. I feel your dichotomy could have been stronger, and possibly taken better. You may have not finished the assignment but you're still a Shining Star.

  2. Your negative image is simple and I appreciate that. I like the contrast between the blues and the grays and if I were to reshoot this I would have leaves falling down in contrast of the bright skin which under the negative filter would be a deep background. I like he simplicity of the contrast image, but I would increase the ratio of pink to brown for an increase of contrast.

  3. i think the effect over the 3 leaves really makes this an interesting photo and portrays negative really well, the only thing I would say is staying on the line to make thephoto have a clean look. I think the dichotomy is an interesting concept but maybe having a different background would have worked slightly better.


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